Play: Cement Hands by Thornton Wilder

Trenton Free Public Library 120 Academy Street, Trenton

Always Love Lucy Theatre is proud to present Cement Hands by Thornton Wilder (Directed by Saima HuQ, MPH) Cement Hands represents “Avarice” in Wilder’s projected cycle on The Seven Deadly Sins. "Diana Colvin, 21, rich and “the finest girl in the world,” is engaged to marry Roger Osterman, 27, very rich and “the finest young fellow in the world.” With the help of a mystified waiter, Diana’s uncle (her lawyer and guardian) sets up a play within a play to make sure Diana knows what she is getting into: marriage to a supreme tightwad who can give away millions to charity, but can’t leave a tip. The action–full of high-jinks as well as a serious message–takes place in a fancy New York City hotel." - Wilder: The Official Website of the Wilder Family Thornton Wilder began writing Cement Hands in 1958 and stopped in 1960. It was not performed publicly until April 1997. Cast: Evan Joslyn as Roger Osterman, Roni Banerjee as Edward Blake, Radha Singh as Paul, the waiter, and Jennifer Kim as Diana Colvin