Fantastic Beast- Tournament of Houses

Children's Room 120 Academy Street, Trenton

Ages 8-18 April 14th 4pm-6pm Test your Magizoologist skills and compete for prizes and bragging rights!

Laughter Yoga

Trenton Free Public Library 120 Academy Street, Trenton

April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day! Join us for a 1 hour laughter yoga session at the library. The session consists of simulated laughter exercises with gentle breathing techniques. With prolonged intentional laughter, one can exhale more carbon dioxide, which oxygenates the cells of the body and brain which results in multiple health benefits. Laughter yoga improves, mental, emotional, and physical health at the same time. Some Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga Releases happy body chemistry: Laughter yoga allows the body to release natural happy hormones that promote a sense of well-being and relieve stress. Decreases anger, anxiety, and depression : When we’re in a difficult situation or in a disagreement with another person, seeing the humor in it can help. Specifically, laughter defuses anger, conflict, and self-blame. Eases distressing emotions: Laughter counteracts feelings of anxiety and sadness. Moreover, it helps us release other intense emotions, such as grief. Relaxes and revitalizes: Along with reducing stress, laughter also increases our energy levels. Therefore, we can stay focused more easily. Changes your perspective: Laughter helps us access another point of view. Moreover, we begin to see something in a new, less scary way when we can laugh about it. In addition, humor helps us take things less seriously. Reduces stress: When we laugh and smile, cortisol levels decrease. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, so lower levels are better for our mental health. Therefore, laughter increases our stress resilience. Positive Experience:  Laughter Yoga Brings more joy and fun into our life: This one is self-explanatory

Board of Trustees Meeting

Trenton Free Public Library 120 Academy Street, Trenton

The Trenton Free Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 14 at 6 pm at the library. The meeting will be hybrid to allow meeting in person for those who are comfortable and a Zoom link for those who are not or are unable to attend in person. Open to the public Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 841 9487 1110 Passcode: 727919 Find your local number: