The Central Jersey Genealogical Club scanned and transcribed the genealogical material found in Trentoniana’s bible collection. Words were transcribed exactly as written so misspellings may be evident. Sometimes handwriting was difficult to decipher so best guesses were made (we welcome corrections!). Below are the finding aids that include images of the original handwritten pages as well as the transcriptions.

Brinkerhoff Family (includes surnames Buist, Enstice, Ivins, Leolene, Noakes, Rogers, Slack, Tallman)

Phillip Hart (includes surnames Hoff, Howell, LaRew, Titus, Williamson)

Charles Hulit (includes surnames Hamilton, Koray, Wilson)

Malindia Jerolaman/Jeroloman Family (includes surnames Clauson/Calanson, Derland/Derling, Dosland/Doslaind, Kingsland, Larison, Mesler, Norton, Vliet/Velits)

Lee Family (includes surnames Baldwin, Bignell, Conn, Covell, Danenhower/Dannenhower, Gaskill, Hagar, Hogan, Johnson, Kenneman, Lang, Levy, Middleton, North, Shaw, Smith, Spanish, Swiler, Thomson, Useilton, Van Hart)

Martin Family (includes surname Shoemaker)

Mitchell Family (includes surnames Auser, Outhouse, Overton, Vaughn)

Caleb Moore (includes surnames Farlee, Fearley, Holcombe, Stryker, Wilson)

O’Hara-Murray Family (includes surname Feehan)

Smith Family (includes surnames Housel, Hughes, Kirkpatrick, Landis, Whitlock)

George W. Smyth (includes surname Mclurg)

Trockenbrod Family (includes surname Stollberg)

Benjamin Yard (includes surnames Peirson, Spencer, Still, West, Wilson)