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Obtaining a Library Card 
  1. Any resident of The City of Trenton or Trenton property owner may receive an adult library card upon completion of an application and provision of proof of identification (ID) and current address.
  2. Acceptable photo ID and proof of current address shall be one or more of the following:
    1. valid New Jersey driver's license or other government issued photo ID with current address
    2. utility bill
    3. printed checks
    4. property tax statement
    5. canceled mail, postmarked within the last two weeks
    6. typed lease that shows the address
    7. Department of Motor Vehicles-issued change of address card
    8. Acceptable proof of employment in Trenton shall be a recent verification of employment letter or paystub.
  3. Non-residents of Trenton may receive a library card with full borrowing privileges if they work or attend school in the city of Trenton.
  4. Anyone under the age of 18 can receive a juvenile card after completing a “Youth TFPL Card Application” and securing the signature of his/her parent or legal guardian who holds a Trenton Free Public Library card in good standing. Children must be present in order to apply for a library card. Emancipated minors who have proof of their court ordered emancipation, may receive an adult card without parental consent.
  5. A Limited Library Card may be issued at the discretion of the Library Director to individuals who can produce valid New Jersey driver's license or other government issued photo ID but whose living situation is unresolved such as a crisis center, half-way house, or other similar circumstances.  The Director may require additional written documentation to verify the unresolved living situation. Limited Library Cards will allow use of the internet and the checkout of no more than one print item and one audio-visual item at a time. 


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